Anatomy Lesson

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When you are drawing the goal should be to reduce the forms to easy shapes – analyze what you’re looking at and try to break it down into an abstract shape, there are beautiful shapes in the bones which have to do with structure and engineering; when you start to see it you realize the beauty and elegance and marvel of the construction of the human body. Another reason to break it down into simplified shapes is so that you can start to retain it in your mind, to remember it, so keep that goal in mind as you are drawing and studying anatomy. This image, a digital sculpture by Kris Costas, Senior Digital Artist at Industrial Light + Magis is an illustration of that,

Kris Costa Skull

Kris Costa Skull

other good examples can be found in the Bridgeman books,

in the back of Eliot Goldfinger’s book,

and in the Bammes anatomy book.