The Boatman, Winslow Homer copy

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This will be the February giveawy which is an actaul 9×12″ watercolor (not a print) I did to one of my Patreons that I will randomly pick (I use this website to help It’s a copy of a Sargent that I did in between off moments of helping students at the Lincoln Square Community […]

Proportions of Face

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The eyes are half way between top of skull and bottom (chin) from hairline to chin is divided in thirds: 1) hairline, 2)brow ridge 3)bottom of nose to bottom of chin from bottom of nose to chin divided in thirds: 1)bottom of nose, 2)parting of lips, 3)top of chin (or bottom of mouth muscle or […]

Watercolor for Beginners

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I teach watercolor to artists at all levels from absolute beginner to very advanced artists. And I find this very satisfying, but I particularly like helping new artists and it gives great joy to see students work hard and improve, develop and get better, and often in a shorter amount of time than you might […]

Munsell Color Wheel

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Munsell Color Wheel

Between the traditional color wheel and the more modern one which uses RGB + CMY, I believe is where the Munsell Color Wheel falls and the color wheel that I prefer to refer to. I took a Munsell Color Wheel that I found on the internet and used Photoshop to tweak it slightly so that […]

Langer’s lines – Wikipedia

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Source: Langer’s lines – Wikipedia

Solo Exhibition extended until Wed. Dec. 14, 7PM

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Happy to say that my Solo Exhibition has been extended until Wed. Dec. 14, 7PM. If you didn’t get to see it you still have another chance.

Titanium vs Zinc

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It’s unbelievable that a husband and wife team (merely two people!) created this character “Saya”. This screenshot shows a Maya scene file with all the underpinning anatomy and animation controls for the character.

Cx5 Sculptable Filament for 3D Printers by Adam Beane Industries — Kickstarter

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This is the wave of the future in sculpting.

Americans in Paris 1860-1900

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Just finished reading a catalog that accompanied the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum several years ago. Aside from being a very enjoyable read, describing American artists migration to Paris and how it shaped art as a whole – it gives you an idea of what it was like for the artists to be there in […]