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It’s unbelievable that a husband and wife team (merely two people!) created this character “Saya”. This screenshot shows a Maya scene file with all the underpinning anatomy and animation controls for the character.

3-D Printed Car

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Things are moving fast in the 3D printing world. Here is a youtube video about the world’s first 3D printed car. It’s from a company called Local Motors and the car is called The Strati.

Chris Jones

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Check out this 3D animation by Chris Jones (music also) ! And view more amazing images and videos at his website.

3D-Printed Classic Sculptures Offer Masterpieces As Cheap Home Decor

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Here is a recent web article about an artist making use of photography as an aid in creating 3D printed sculptures of copies of sculpture found in museums. The article mentions Autodesk’s software. Autodesk now carries the three major 3D software packages used in the movie and game industry (which would be Maya, 3D Max, […]