A Combat of Nude Men, after Raphael Sanzio

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I copied this drawing by Raphael from Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters by Robert Beverly Hale on plane to Little Rock, AR to visit my mom for Christmas. Combat situations were good scenarios to get the various possible combinations of muscle flexion, extension – contraction and relaxation which is why Renaissance artists favored doing […]

Peroneus Brevis

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I’m watching Rey Bustos’s anatomy lecture on the lower limb. He’s mentioning peroneus brevis. Here is a nice illustration (from Grey’s Anatomy – the book, not the tv show) Its origin is the lower two/thirds lateral shaft of the fibula and its insertion is the tuburosity of the base of the 5th meta-tarsal (clearly seen […]

Sculpting Reference Casts by Philippe Faraut

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Found this wonderful site which sells ecorche casts. Sculpting Reference Casts by Philippe Faraut.

Uartsy Lectures

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                There are wonderful resources for fine artists on the Uartsy site. When you click on the Rey Bustos tutorial you’ll notice that there are some free videos to check out (as on all of the tutorials offered on the site). The first one is on the pelvis […]


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Here is a good reference skull for only $20 (!!!) and it’s decent enough a reference for an artist to have. All artists should have a skull (well all artists in the classical tradition). In fact, all artists should have a full skeleton. A disarticulated one costs less and is recommended by Robert Beverly Hale […]

Zbrush Anatomy

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This video is over 2 years old now but I feel it is still a nugget as pretty much are all of Ryan Kingslien anatomy videos. Last year I worked on creating a facial ecorche following a course from Ryan Kingslien and it was an invaluable tool for learning and added to my understanding and […]