Indian Hunter, 2017

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Indian Hunter, 2017

Well this painting combines two things that I love: painting in the snow and the first statue installed in Central Park after the park was created. Keyword there is after as Bethesda Fountain was there already part of the original design of the park. The sculpture is by John Quincy Adams Ward who considered it […]

The Boatman, Winslow Homer copy

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This will be the February giveawy which is an actaul 9×12″ watercolor (not a print) I did to one of my Patreons that I will randomly pick (I use this website to help It’s a copy of a Sargent that I did in between off moments of helping students at the Lincoln Square Community […]

Munsell Color Wheel

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Munsell Color Wheel

Between the traditional color wheel and the more modern one which uses RGB + CMY, I believe is where the Munsell Color Wheel falls and the color wheel that I prefer to refer to. I took a Munsell Color Wheel that I found on the internet and used Photoshop to tweak it slightly so that […]

PAUL LASAINE: Blog: New York City

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Source: PAUL LASAINE: Blog: New York City

Jeremy Mann Part 2

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Jeremy Mann has been in the news lately. He is having an exhibit at John Pence Gallery and is presently on the cover of International Artist and Art Collector Magazines. And I found out as well that a documentary is being made about him entitled a solitary man.  

The Sea Watched

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A few years ago I had the opportunity to see a fascinating and wonderful and yet somewhat bizarre painting by Jamie Wyeth at the Adelson Gallery in New York. The painting was a seascape with his father Andrew and grandfather N.C. looking out at the ocean, but in the foreground looking out as well is […]

Young Emersonian

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Today my teacher, Thomas Torak, used as an example a painting by Frank Mason to illustrate a point. I’ll just mention it (and not do justice to what was being explained at all) and won’t try to go into an explanation as that would probably require a lengthy treatise. Where I was being literal, trying […]

Da Vinci : Documentary on the Anatomical Drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci (Full Documentary) – YouTube

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The documentary mentions that he used a “steel dip pen” which in fact was a later invention, he would have used a quill which is a more expressive instrument that a steel dip pen. However, it’s an excellent documentary showing close ups of many great drawings. Da Vinci : Documentary on the Anatomical Drawings of […]

Look Here: THE SEA MAIDEN (1894) and four studies by Herbert James Draper | Ragged Claws Network

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Look Here: THE SEA MAIDEN (1894) and four studies by Herbert James Draper | Ragged Claws Network.

A Combat of Nude Men, after Raphael Sanzio

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I copied this drawing by Raphael from Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters by Robert Beverly Hale on plane to Little Rock, AR to visit my mom for Christmas. Combat situations were good scenarios to get the various possible combinations of muscle flexion, extension – contraction and relaxation which is why Renaissance artists favored doing […]