Look Here: THE SEA MAIDEN (1894) and four studies by Herbert James Draper | Ragged Claws Network

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Look Here: THE SEA MAIDEN (1894) and four studies by Herbert James Draper | Ragged Claws Network.

A Combat of Nude Men, after Raphael Sanzio

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I copied this drawing by Raphael from Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters by Robert Beverly Hale on plane to Little Rock, AR to visit my mom for Christmas. Combat situations were good scenarios to get the various possible combinations of muscle flexion, extension – contraction and relaxation which is why Renaissance artists favored doing […]

Karl Gnass

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A friend told me earlier today about an artist named Karl Knass. He has some great resources available including a host of videos on his youtube channel with him demonstrating and lecturing as well as two books. I’m impressed with his drawing and like what he stresses in teaching drawing and what he stresses is […]

Eugene Speicher Exhibition

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Currently there is an exhibition entitled “Along His Own Lines: A Retrospective of New York Realist Eugene Speicher” at the New York State Museum in Albany which will be showing until March 22, 2015. It opened at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art in New Paltz, NY As was pointed out in the NY Times […]


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Recently I did a very quick demonstration (probably half an hour) for my students at Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center where I teach on Thursday mornings. A student was interested in seeing me do the process I had been describing: working wet-in-wet and working toward the darks as it progresses. The emphasis in doing this wasn’t […]

Mel Stabin

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When I exhibited a painting at the Ridgewood Art Institute recently, one of the other featured artists in the exhibit was Mel Stabin, an artist I had heard about and who is an excellent watercolorist. His paintings are nice and spontaneous (the kind of painting I like and aspire to) which seems less common today […]

Jeremy Mann

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I first learned of this artist when I saw his painting on the cover of American Artist magazine (when it existed) in January of 2011. What caught my attention was two things, the liveliness of the painting itself and secondly, the subject matter which was an urban scene – not only an urban scene, but one […]

Russell Flint

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English illustrator Russell Flint (1880-1969) did wonderful paintings and illustrations in watercolor and I am personally a big fan of his artwork. Here is an interesting article on his technique from the book titled Come Sketching published in 1949. The Pictorial Arts: Russell Flint’s Technique. Here is a wonderful blog entry with many of Russell […]


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Happy to report that “Lady Agnew”, arguably one of the best portraits by John Singer Sargent, will be coming to the Frick Museum. The exhibition entitled Masterpieces from the Scottish National Gallery will be showing November 5, 2014 to February 1, 2015. For more details visit the Frick Museum website http://www.frick.org/exhibitions/scottish For west coast viewers, […]