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Did this drawing tonight, I drew Lex each day this week at the sketch class at the Art Students League. He was a joy to draw because of the musculare tone of his body; all the things you read about in the anatomy books can so clearly be seen on Lex. I have been attempting […]

Middle-Eastern Girl

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Another wonderful subject on the subway tonight.

Young Beauty

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I did this drawing on the subway this morning. The young girl had braided ponytails, although you can’t tell by the drawing, and I was captivated by her beauty as she stepped onto the train at Union Square. It was during rush hour traffic and a few times I couldn’t see her or could only […]

Traditional Pen and Ink

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Traditional Pen and Ink

Found this interesting article on making iron gall ink. Making Iron Gall Ink | The Endless Swarm. There is a great book on the topic, on the art of making traditional drawing materials which is titled The Craft of Old-Master Drawings which I’ve owned for many years and which I highly recommend. With the guidance […]