Munsell Color Wheel

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Munsell Color Wheel

Between the traditional color wheel and the more modern one which uses RGB + CMY, I believe is where the Munsell Color Wheel falls and the color wheel that I prefer to refer to. I took a Munsell Color Wheel that I found on the internet and used Photoshop to tweak it slightly so that […]

Titanium vs Zinc

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Peroneus Brevis

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I’m watching Rey Bustos’s anatomy lecture on the lower limb. He’s mentioning peroneus brevis. Here is a nice illustration (from Grey’s Anatomy – the book, not the tv show) Its origin is the lower two/thirds lateral shaft of the fibula and its insertion is the tuburosity of the base of the 5th meta-tarsal (clearly seen […]

Frankly Speaking NY

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Tonight I did an interview with Frank Omar which will air on MNN; Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Manhattan’s Public Access Television Station, Channel 34 Monday, Nov. 21 at 8 PM. It was a real experience to be interviewed I’m excited about having it go out on cable TV! I pretty much told my life story and […]

Zbrush Anatomy

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This video is over 2 years old now but I feel it is still a nugget as pretty much are all of Ryan Kingslien anatomy videos. Last year I worked on creating a facial ecorche following a course from Ryan Kingslien and it was an invaluable tool for learning and added to my understanding and […]