East River Trees

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East River Trees

trees east river 300x215 - East River Trees

East River Trees
Oil on linen on panel

The painting is from the site of East River Park (painted before the park was created, at the time it was simply an abandoned lot) looking from Williamsburg Brooklyn toward Manhattan. It is near sunset on a clear day.

This is a New York City scene of historic significance. The gentrification that has occurred in Williamsburg, Brooklyn since I’ve moved to this neighborhood is really quite a phenomenon and something bewildering and spectacular for me to observe. Again, the site is now politely groomed but at the time was home to wild growth and brush. 

The central focus of the painting are trees growing up amidst shrubbery, silhouetted against a sky backdrop of the sun which has just set. The scene looks out toward the East River but because of the shrubbery and low vantage point the river is out of view.

Painted on linen canvas mounted on wood luan panel by the artist with traditional rabbitskin glue and given a priming of oil paint.

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