Evergreens in Central Park, February 2017

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Evergreens in Central Park, February 2017

I’m happy to report that I made a sale recently to a very nice man who bought it to give as a present to his daughter for her wedding. It turns out he searched for “Pine Trees” + “Central Park” on Google and came across my painting on my website https://walterlynnmosley.com/project/landscape-oil/evergreens_central_park_feb_17/ because that is where […]

Indian Hunter, 2017

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Indian Hunter, 2017

Well this painting combines two things that I love: painting in the snow and the first statue installed in Central Park after the park was created. Keyword there is after as Bethesda Fountain was there already part of the original design of the park. The sculpture is by John Quincy Adams Ward who considered it […]

Cherry Blossom, Central Park

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The Cherry Blossoms in New York don’t last very long. Here is one today in full bloom in Central Park which I painted today in watercolor in one sitting.

Horse on 58th

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Last Friday, after painting at the League, I was feeling a little down; a little disappointed with my painting. I felt it would be nice to draw something outside while there was still some light. I walked over one block to 58th Street and drew this horse that was resting before its next carriage ride.