Pine Bank Arch, February 2015

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Pine Bank Arch, February 2015

I’m offering this painting for sale at a bargain price on etsy. Click here to view on etsy. Pine Bank Arch, Central Park, February 2015 9 x 12″ Oil on linen on panel Painting en plein air in Central Park in New York City, it is a painting of a snow scene on the West […]

Evergreens in Central Park, February 2017

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Evergreens in Central Park, February 2017

I’m happy to report that I made a sale recently to a very nice man who bought it to give as a present to his daughter for her wedding. It turns out he searched for “Pine Trees” + “Central Park” on Google and came across my painting on my website because that is where […]

Greek Orthodox Church in the Snow, February 2017

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Greek Orthodox Church in the Snow, February 2017

I painted this in the snow in February (2017). It shows the Greek Orthodox Church near McCarren Park in Greenpoint which is not far from where I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The dome was recently restored so it no longer is green from the copper oxidization but is now the original copper color. However, hard […]

City Hall Fountain

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City Hall Fountain

A friend mentioned that he liked the architectural details in the painting, I thought I would describe a little my approach in this particular painting. On the lamp post on the right, somewhat in the distance,  I used gouche mixed with cad yellow and orange for the gold trim, just a few strokes. For the […]

My Landscape Class will begin in June in Central Park

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Starting on June 8th, Walter Mosley will conduct Landscape classes which will be $25 per session. We’ll meet two days a week – Mondays and Wednesdays at 9AM. First class will meet by the carousel in Central Park. Other locations in Central Park to be anounced and we’ll also meet at Washington Square Park and […]

68th and Lexington

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I did this drawing a few weeks ago waiting to meet a friend at the corner of 68th and Lexington. It was a bit cold out but I enjoyed drawing in the middle of the day in the middle of the city (by Hunter College).

Washington Square Park in August

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I’m putting this painting up for sale on my website with a special offer for a limited time (until Christmas), $200. Click here to purchase. I did the painting in August a few years ago in Washington Square Park. I was interested in capturing the sense of a lot of people out in the park […]

August Sunset

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This is a sunset watercolor painting I did back in August (last month). Quick study as the sun was setting.