Walter Lynn Mosley Landscape Class

New York City in May 2-May 27, 2016.

089We will meet at different locations in NYC on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

$40 per session, $100 in advance for 3 sessions, $190 in advance for 6 sessions, $350 in advance to attend all 12 sessions.

You are under no obligation to attend particular dates, pay per session to fit your schedule.

If you are interested in participating, email or call:

………………..   347 530 9397            ………………..

    Dates and Locations (call 347 530 9397 if you have trouble finding us)
  1. Gapstow Bridge, southeast section of Central Park: May 2, 9AM
  2. The Mall, southern end of the mall by the Shakespeare statue, Central Park: May 13, 9AM
  3. Carousel, Central Park: May 6, 9AM
  4. Belvedere Castle, near King Jagiello statue/monument, Central Park: May 9, 4PM
  5. Harlem Meer, southeast portion of the lake not far from Conservatory Garden, Central Park: May 11, 9AM
  6. Cherry Hill, overlooking the Lake near Bow Bridge, Central Park: May 4, 4PM
  7. Carl Schurz Park, overlooking East River from 86th St. entrance: May 16, 5PM
  8. The Pool, westside Central Park near 102nd St.: May 18, 9AM
  9. Nelson A. Rockefeller Park, the very west end of Chambers St: May 20, 5PM
  10. Sheep Meadow: Central Park May 25, 5PM
  11. Conservatory Garden, North Garden by the Burnett Memorial Fountain, entrance on 5th Avenue near 105th St., Central Park: May 23, 8AM
  12. Hudson River Greenway, near 79th Street Boat Basin on the Hudson River: May 27, 5PM

The 12 locations can be found on the map, click on the marker for info.