Zbrush Anatomy

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This video is over 2 years old now but I feel it is still a nugget as pretty much are all of Ryan Kingslien anatomy videos. Last year I worked on creating a facial ecorche following a course from Ryan Kingslien and it was an invaluable tool for learning and added to my understanding and knowledge immensely.  However, I would just like to say in this post that, even if one doesn’t own the Zbrush program or have the time or inclination to do a digital ecorche, watching Ryan Kinglien’s videos alone will add to your anatomical understanding and aid you in your fine art sculpting or painting.  There are three courses I would highly recommend to artists along these lines and they would be Anatomy in Zbrush by aforementioned Ryan Kingslien, Animal Anatomy by Marshall Vandruff and Draw Like the Old Masters by Rey Bustos. The great thing is, is that you can preview many of the lectures to get an idea of their full content. Also, although many of the courses at UArtsy.com are geared towards the digital fields of movies and game design, there are many worth checking out for the fine artists. Besides those mentioned already is Power & Grace: The Structure of Man by Sabin Howard and others as well.